Monday, March 26, 2012

New Pattern- Take Root

Springtime has arrived, but winter is not yet gone and cozy layers are still a must have. These fingerless gloves are knit with bulky yarn for a quick knit, perfect for a last minute or instant gratification project.

The lace reminded me of rows and rows of roots in the garden- a place where I’d love to get out and play right now- although probably not in fingerless gloves made of merino and silk!

The pattern is long, so I won't put it all here, but you can download a pdf of the free pattern here: download now. Or you can email me at and I will email you the pdf.

Laying flat after blocking: 14”x4”

1 set of US 10 6mm double pointed needles
1 set of US 9 5.5mm double pointed needles
Tapestry Needle
Stitch marker
Stitch holder or piece of scrap yarn.
Fleece Artist Shiba [70% merino, 30% Silk]
153yd/140m per 100g skein]; 1 skein

16 sts= 4” in stockinette stitch on US 10 needles

Sizing: I wrote this in one size that would fit a medium/large adult. If you want a smaller size, go down a needles size for a slightly tighter gauge. This yarn can definitely be knit in a broad range of gauges.

Tip: If you notice that your gloves slouch or stretch with wear, sew clear elastic thread (found in the jewelry section in a craft store) all the way around the inside of the cuffs, making sure that the elastic tightens the cuff to fit snuggly on your forearms.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Pattern- Makalu

Handmaiden Fine Yarn Himalaya may be one of the softest bulky weight yarns ever. It insulates so well and the angora makes it a luxury to have against your skin.

I decided to name my hat pattern Makalu, after the 5th highest peak in the world that resides in the Himalaya Range. It seemed only fitting.

If you prefer to have a printer friendly PDF copy of the pattern you can download it at here: download now

9” x 8” after blocking, laying flat
Fits a head size 22-24”

US 11/8mm 16” circular needle
Tapestry Needle
Stitch marker
Handmaiden Fine Yarn Himalaya [78% merino, 22%angora,
10% nylon; 71yd/65m per 50g skein]; 1 skein

13 sts= 4” in stockinette stitch


SL1 wyib - Slip 1 with yarn in back. Holding the yarn in back, move stitch from left hand needle to right hand needle. Bring yarn to front and continue working in pattern.

Modifying pattern: This pattern is easy to modify to achieve different sizes. The pattern is in multiples of 5, so increase or decrease the CO stitch count by 5 to adjust the hat size up or down by 2”. Adjust knitting length also according to your preferences.


CO 45 sts in longtail cast on. PM and join into the round being careful not to twist sts.

Round 1: (P4, K1) around
Round 2: (P4, SL 1 wyib) around

Repeat these two rounds until piece measures 6-7”, ending with a Round 1. 6” will make a hat that sits above the ears and 7” will make a hat that covers the ears.

Decreasing Rounds:
Round 1: (P2, P2TOG, K1) around- 36 sts remain.
Round 2: (P3, SL 1 wyib) around
Round 3: (P1, P2TOG, K1) around- 27 sts remain.
Round 4: (P2, SL 1 wyib) around
Round 5: (P2TOG, K1) around- 18 sts remain.
Round 6: (P1, SL 1 wyib) around
Round 7: K2TOG around, K last st- 9 sts remain.

Break yarn, and using tapestry needle weave end through live stitches. Pull yarn tight and secure end.

Weave in ends and block as desired. This hat will get slightly larger when wet blocked.

CO- cast on
P2TOG- purl 2 together
STS- stitches
K2TOG- knit 2 together
SL 1- slip 1
Wyib- with yarn in back
BO- Bind Off
PM- place marker