Monday, November 17, 2008

Sheep Afghan

I finally finished the sheep afghan for my mom. It took me one year to muster up the attention span to get it done. I love it, and so does she. Now I want one for myself!



Anonymous said...

beatufully done, congratulations. do you have an electronic copy of the pattern you could send to me, am looking to do this for my new born first grand child.
many thanks, helga from vancouver bc canada

Bohoknitterchic said...

The pattern can be found in the Knit Simple Holiday 2007 magazine.

A similar pattern by the same designer can be purchased here:

monkeyspinner said...

Ohh. Where did you get that pattern from?

Lisa B. said...

This is the coolest freakin' afghan I've ever seen! Love all the sheepies! :)

Ketutar said...

Love the sheep, the sheep dogs on the border and the two sleepers under the blankie too :-D
Wonderful picture :-)

Anonymous said...

I am working on this same afghan.. I have 3 of the squares completed and am pretty sure it will take me a full year as well! Did you have trouble with the color key? the little tiny square in each color key doesn't help! Any trick you used to get you thru?