Saturday, January 24, 2009

I've started spinning

I used to spin with a drop spindle when I was younger, in junior high, but haven't really attempted it since. While in Monterey a wonderful fiber artist, Diane, gave me a drop spindle and some roving that she had dyed to take with me on our travels. I wasn't sure about trying it again, I was afraid it would be to frustrating, but when I got those fun fiber samples in my sampler box I had to try it out again.

I have to say- I LOVE it! I've already started ordering small amounts of fiber for me to play with until we move in February, when I may start collecting fiber with a vengeance.

A little about the fiber I spun:

The blue/pink was dyed by Diane.

The varigated green/blue was dyed by Sweet Pea Fibers and I plied it with gold thread.

The rainbow was dyed by The Painted Tiger

The white is 30% wool, 70% mohair from Natch Woolie



Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

I just started spinning too! Your yarn is gorgeous!!

Jessie said...

The sweet pea sea glass one is soooo pretty!! They are all uber gorgeous though. I can totally picture you with your tattoo sheepies treadeling a big girl wheel!

teejayhansen said...

Lovely! I have been using a drop, it's fun but hard on the carpel tunnel.

sunnie fairy said...

I am new spinner, too! I won some natchwoolie roving over at the phat fiber blog, but I have yet to spin it. All your yarn looks great!

Anita said...

Your yarn turned out lovely!! I got my first spindle first of last year... now I have a little wheel from Heavenly Handspinning & a huge fiber stash!! Very addictive! :)