Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Stone Soup Challenge

I just signed up for the Stone Soup Challenge and I encourage all of you to do the same!

The Stone Soup Challenge was developed for artists and crafters to commit to helping other artists and crafters by using a portion of their income to shop with other "starving artists". You choose what portion of your income you could commit to shopping with other artists, and then list your website so other artists can find you!

And to encourage you all to participate, those of you who mention Stone Soup when you shop at my Etsy Shop will receive 10% off your purchase (before shipping) that I will refund after purchase!

Also: list your shop url here in the comment section!

I had to edit to add, I went through the Stone Soup Shops list and here are all the fiber shops that are on the list thus far:

Feeling Sheepish
My8kidsmom Hand Dyed Yarns and Fiber
Desert Garden Farms
Infinity Yarn and Fiber
Extreme Spinning
Knit It Up

If we all contribute a little to the pot of Stone Soup, we will all feast.

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katydiddy said...

Great post! Thanks for being so supportive of the challenge!