Monday, July 20, 2009

I feel like a broken record

I'm such a bad blogger, and it's all Ravelry's fault! And I rarely knit anymore- and that's all spinnings fault! So I guess until I can come up with something better to say, I will just have to leave you with some major fiber porn- pics of most of the yarns I've spun in the past few months. And even they aren't great pics, so maybe I should have waited to blog until I had something better to say...

Oh! And I broke down and signed up for twitter. Follow me (especially to hear about shop updates). I'm Bohoknitterchic there too.




The Mully's said...

I completely understand! I'd like to blog more, but no. I'd like to knit more, but my spinning wheel is evil! :) I do love your yarns, I'll look for you on Ravelry. I need to spruse up that page too.

Anonymous said...

goodness, that yarn is making me drool. i like the one on the bottom, the third one in from the left... and then the one on the very right as well.. but really they're all excellent. <3