Sunday, August 2, 2009

My First Time Entering In the County Fair

I entered some yarn and knits in the Benton County Fair and I did surprisingly well!

Top Row:
Glass Beach Hat made of my very first handspun
Lemongrass Necklace
and the unappreciated Drop Everything But the Sparkle Scarf.

Bottom Row:
“Carnival” Flax
“Bark” natural merino
“White Wine” bamboo/silk
“Neon Rainbow” wensleydale wool
“True Romance 2” blended fibers art yarn
“Greed and Envy” a shredded money art yarn

Next year I think I'll try to enter yarn in each category :-)


vickie said...

that is so cool you did awesome. I would enter something in my fair but im afraid something would happen to it. the gals who do the displays are all about the quilting stuff and don't treat the knitting stuff to well.

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