Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Yarn Bombing

Every once and a while my "secret life" is just so cool that it has to spill over into my real life. About a year ago I gave permission for some of my photos to be used in an upcoming book Yarn Bombing about Knit Graffiti and they used some of them! It's so exciting! I got a copy in the mail a few days ago and have flipped through the pictures 3 times and have read up to page 100. It is fantastic!

This book is for anyone who loves the concept of Knit/Crochet Graffiti. It is part coffee table book, part historical and biographical, and part instruction manual.

There are basic instructions for people who haven't knit before, and patterns/instructions for those who have. Even if you don't have plans to decorate the great outdoors, there are some great garment patterns and you could always decorate your own home with the patterns intended for trees and poles (I'm contemplating some monster feet for my dining room table).

I highly recommend that anyone who loves fiber arts should check out this book!

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Brandy said...

How fun! You are really getting published lately! Do you feel famous yet?