Friday, November 19, 2010

2010 Spinners Challenge

There comes a time in everyone's life when they realize that something has taken over their life. In my case, it's fiber. "But you have a fiber business.", you might say. Yes, that's true. I do have a fiber business. But I also have a multiplying fiber stash that I can't manage to keep up with because I spend the majority of my time producing fiber to further other artist's fiber addiction.

My business consuming my time is not a complaint, but it is a realization that I need to remind myself of occasionally. I have to rely on special events like workshops or stash spin down challenges to really get spinning done. So here we are again, spinning challenge time!

The Challenge: Spin as much as you can between November 1st and December 31st and post your stats and pictures in the BohoKnitterChic Spins Ravelry Group to enter into prize drawings for over 20 categories. That's right! Over 20 people have donated prizes to help the cause!

(The yarn on the left is one of my challenge yarns named "Strawberry Shortcake)

Still reading? I hope so because I've added a twist!

IT'S A POWER SPINNING WEEKEND!!!!! Spin as much as you can, yardage and weight, this Saturday and Sunday (Nov 20-21st) and post your yardage and weight spun in the comments of this blog post by Monday morning (the 22nd). The most yardage spun and the greatest weight will win a prize from me. What's the prize? I have no idea. But it will be good. I promise.


jmo said...

Ok- I'm done. Can't do anymore! 1400 yards even. Weight approx 12 oz. (8oz known, plus estimates on the random small skeins) Details in the challenge thread!

Kathryn said...

Alrighty let's see what we have...
1445.5 yards total (including plying) and 30.4 ounces (almost 2 pounds!!!) for 8 yarns. :)

craftypuppylover said...

Well I can't compare with Kathryn, but here's what I've got :)

total ounces: 16.2 (over a pound!)
total yards: 60 + 376 = 436

Bohoknitterchic said...

My totals for the weekend are:
1 pound 14.375 oz (30.375 oz)
725.5 yards

jess c. said...

ok i hope im totaling the yards up right
-mini batts + mohair lock 1.5oz mini batts:10yds plied 3ply=30yds
mohair 24yds 2ply=28yds

- spring in bloom picked fiber 4oz
270yds thread plied= 540? or 270

-suri blend sock yarn 3oz finished 2 to go
appx 121yds 3ply= 363yds

425yds after plying
961 yds before plying (691 if thread ply doesnt count)

jane said...

Ummmm... I got about 230 yards done, and that includes two singles that were plied.... not the plying itself... I"m still happy with myself though! I work alot and that was three yarns, and it's nice to see my stash going down a bit!

SweetPea Fibers said...

I've got 8 oz, I haven't measured the yardage, because I'd like to fill the bobbin before I check the yardage. Thanks for the motivation!

A Rose said...

Coming in at dead last:

162 plied yards, 6 oz.

all on my new wheel. I spent all day Sat outside and hauling recyclables off. Sun was up into the low 70s!!! We went biking at the park!

But, I probably wouldn't have fit spinning in at all if it weren't for this challenge!

--WoolyRose on rav.

DesignVigilante said...

@A Rose, you're not dead last. I was seriously attempting this challenge but I'm a drop spindle spinner that uses the park and draft technique. I've got about 150 yards not plied out of 3 ounces of roving. I do plan on plying it but it's too late for this challenge.

Sara said...

I spun some marajane batts I got from voxless in the last handspun swap. I got 238 yards of thread plied yarn with lots of coils. Since I didn't count the original yarn's yardage, I'll just multiply 238 x 2 = 476. :) ~Sara