Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sastrugi Cowl Pattern

I may have fallen behind on Blogging, but I have in no way fallen behind on knitting and spinning. I have a new pattern out, the Sastrugi Cowl.

You can purchase it in my Etsy Shop or on Ravelry:

Sastrugi is snow that has been eroded by wind, leaving it rippled and textured. When the weather is cold and windy, all I want to do is bundle up with something warm and cozy. Peter Rabbit is just that. It’s fuzzy and warm and deserves to be close to you face when you need extra snuggles. The texture of this cowl makes it fun to knit and intriguing to look at.

Notes on techniques for this pattern:

Mattress Stitch- a way to seam two edges together. Knitting Daily has a tutorial here: and a video can be found on YouTube here:

CO- cast on
RS- right side
WS- wrong side
STS- stitches
SSK- slip, slip, knit 2 together
K2TOG- knit 2 together
M1- Make 1
BO- Bind Off

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