Monday, September 24, 2012

A Project, 4 years in the making

4 years ago, in July of 2008, I got together with a wonderful group of ladies on Ravelry and we decided to do an afghan square swap. We all would knit 12 squares, 12"x12" each, sent 11 of them out to each other, and then in the end we would have 12 squares all made by different people to make our own afghan. Sounds simple, right?

So that went along for about 6 months, every two weeks we would knit a square and send it out to someone. After 12 some of us decided "Hey, lets do it again so we all have 20 squares", and the swap continued. I don't know when I finally received all of my squares, probably some time in early 2009. Ever since then my squares have been in a box, untouched, and unseamed- until now.

Two days ago my husband was away at a class so I used it as an opportunity to work on some projects that needed to be finished. I popped in a disc of Leverage, seamed, seamed, seamed. 3.5 hours later, turned on Morning Glory, seamed, seamed, seamed. Almost 2 more hours had passed, and I still wasn't done. Watched Tea with Mussolini, another 2 hours, it was after 12am and I still wasn't done. I was so close I could taste it, I wasn't going to give up.

After 7 hours of seaming I was finally done. I am so happy to be finished, and I am really in love with my blanket.

Next old project that needs completion: My Retro Style Knitting Bag that I finished knitting in 2009, but have yet to sew the lining or attach the handles.

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