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New Pattern: Thatch

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The Thatch Hat is the ultimate sampler that can be worn in multiple ways. It is worked flat in pieces- one piece is knit from crown to brim, and then another piece is worked onto the first piece from side to side.

The hat includes increases, decreases, stockinette, garter stitch, short rows, and three needle bind off (worked with 2 needles). It’s the perfect hat for a beginner who wants to learn new skills and is also the perfect pattern for a thick and thin hand spun single.

1 pair US #11/8mm straight needles
Tapestry needle
Fleece Artist Thatch [wool; 109yd/100m per 125g skein]; color: Vermillion

10 sts/19 rows = 4" in stockinette stitch

Size: Adult
Measurements with piece laying flat:
8.5” wide
9” tall


The hat is worked flat, starting with 2/3 of the body and then the other third is picked up in the opposite direction and knit in a different stitch pattern.

For helpful tips and videos on the Wrap and Turn and 3 Needle Bind Off techniques please check out

CO- cast on
W&T- Wrap and Turn
RS- right side
K2TOG- knit 2 together
WS- wrong side
M1- Make 1
STS- stitches
BO- Bind Off
PU- pick up
P- purl
K- knit
RH- right hand
LH- left hand

Part 1: Knit from the crown to the brim.

CO 4 sts using long-tail cast on.

Row 1 (WS): P all sts
Row 2 (RS): K1, M1, K1, M1, K1, M1, K1= 7 sts
Row 3: P all sts
Row 4: (K2, M1) to last st, K1= 10 sts
Row 5: P all sts
Row 6: (K3, M1) to last st, K1= 13 sts
Continue in this manner until you have completed 9 total increase rows and have a total of 31 sts on your needle.

Work in Stockinette Stitch (K all sts on the RS and P all sts on the WS) until your piece measures 6” from the last increase row. If you want to place markers at the beginning and ending of the last increase row it might be helpful for identifying this row in Part 2

On the next RS row begin working a section of short rows as follows:

Row 1 (RS): K26, W&T
Row 2 (WS): P21 W&T
Row 3:K20, W&T
Row 4: P19, W&T
Row 5: K18, W&T
Row 6: P17 W&T
Row 7: K16, W&T
Row 8: P15 W&T
Row 9: Knit to the end of the row, hiding your wrapped sts as you go.
Row 10: Purl to the end of the row, hiding your wrapped sts as you go.
Row 11: BO all sts, do not break yarn.

Part 2: Knit from the Left Side to the Right Side.

Hold Part one with WS facing up, small crown to your left and short rows to your right. The top (right side of the hat) and bottom (left side of the hat) edges should be curling towards you so the RS is visible.

From the RS edge that is closest to you (the left side of the hat) PU and K 2 of every 3 sts until you reach the first increasing row from Part 1. You should have 18 sts on your needle.

WS Row: K all sts
RS Row: K to the end, PU and K the next 2 sts along the Part 1 edge.
Repeat these 2 rows a total of 6 times until you reach the top of the crown, you should have 30 sts on your needles. Knit 1 more WS Row.

At this point you will begin decreasing back down the right edge of your hat, in the opposite way that you increased.
RS: Knit
WS: PU the first st on the right edge of the crown and knit it together with the first st on your LH needle. Repeat this one more time then continue as follows: K2tog, K2tog, K to end= 2 sts decreased.

Repeat these 2 rows until there are 18 sts left and you have reached the last increase row from crown of Part 1.

Turn the hat inside out. You will now work a 3 needle bind off (with only 2 needles) from the bottom edge back up to where you were just working on the inside of the hat. The right edge will curl towards you so the RS is visible, and that is where you will PU your sts for the bind off.

PU 1 st from the bottom edge of the right edge of the hat and K2tog with first st on the LH needle. Repeat this again. Pass the first st on the RH needle over the second st. Continue in the manner of knitting a stitch from the right edge together with one from your LH needle and passing the 1st st from the RH needle over the second until there are no more sts left on the LH needle and you have reached where the increasing sts of Part 1 starts.

Break your yarn and pull it through the last remaining st on your RH needle.

Weave in all ends. Block as desired.

If you prefer to wear the hat as a cloche style hat, use a brooch to secure short row brim against the hat so it doesn’t roll.

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