Sunday, April 7, 2013

Libretto Featured By Fleece Artist

I have been incredibly fortunate to work for Colorsong Yarn since February of 2011, even after I moved from Oregon to Montana in November 2011 they found a way to keep me on staff and give me things to do. One of the greatest things they've done is to push me to keep designing knitting patterns, using the yarns that they sell dyed by the  companies Handmaiden Fine Yarn and Fleece Artist based out of Nova Scotia, Canada.

Every so often Handmaiden and Fleece Artist will offer competitions for designers who are already designing with their yarns. The incentive is that the pattern will be featured on the main page of their website for several months, driving traffic to your website. I never mentioned it here but last season my Speakeasy pattern won and was featured on the Handmaiden website.

This season my pattern Libretto won and is currently being featured on the Fleece Artist website. Isn't that exciting?


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