Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Layout of the Land

We knew the farm was the perfect place for us once we realized how unique it is. We looked at several properties with similar amounts of land, even more land, but none of them had the same feel as this one. None of them felt as 'big".

Our farm is long and skinny. It is nestled right in the middle of agriculture land. Our neighbors are cattle and alfalfa fields. There are two canals running through the property; one at the north and one at the south. It is on a slope, facing south and from the top of the property you can see some of the Mission Mountains. We have discovered lots of edibles (more on that later) and there are cottonwood and maple trees everywhere, shading the house, and blocking the view of the only houses that are visible from the property. It truly is amazing.

The only downside to living near cattle is that we have 2 dogs that need to be contained. Letting them roam free would end in disaster. Our first major project would have to be installing secure fencing. 1000 feet of it. I'm really glad that Brian knows something about fencing, because I certainly didn't know where to start. He's designed the braces, calculated the distance between posts, and figured out everything we would need. I'm just acting as the "muscle", although it's more likely that I am the "entertainment". We keep pausing the fence building to work on other projects, but it's slowly getting done.

Here is a birds eye view of the property, the stages of fencing (phase 2 will be when we get farm animals, more on that later), and where we hope to have the garden, chickens and bees.

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