Friday, August 17, 2007

First Completed Knitting Project- Head Hugger

Head Hugger by Ann Norling, Pattern #55

This was my first project and I completed back in June 2007

After practicing knitting in the car for about 9 hours strait (and losing the ability to move my fingers) I decided it was time to knit something that didn’t look scarf-like. My husband, Brian, and I were in Spokane, Wa for his graduation and we went to the local yarn store. You know the woman that you imaging meeting in a knitting store? The grandmother like woman who would spend all day helping you get things just right? Well this is the place to meet her. Her name was Allinda and she was wonderful. Here’s her shop:

Allinda Knitting Boutique
321 W Indiana Ave 
Spokane, WA 99205
(509) 328-4670

Since the hat was going to be for my husband I let him pick out the yarn. He chose a Renolds Lopi Icelandic Wool yarn in a great burgundy color (0047). It’s a little too itchy for my taste, but the hat wasn’t for me. I completed the project in about a day, but didn’t like it so I ripped it out and planned to knit it again.

In the meantime my husband picked up knitting and picked a new yarn, Nature Spun 100% wool in Burnt Sienna (101), and proceeded to knit himself a hat. I also reknit the hat so I had to choose a different style. The pattern provides variations to the same hat so they both look quite different. Brian did his on size 4 needles and did a 1 inch border in k2,p2 ribbing and then did stockingnette stitch around. I did mine on size 10 needles and did k2,p2 the whole way.

Here they are:

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