Saturday, August 25, 2007

Heart Scarf

Since I’m a new knitter I try to pick projects that will teach me something new. The Head Huggers incorporated knitting in the round, dpns, k2.p2, and decreasing. The Topi hat was increasing and wrap, turn, the flower taught me felting and this scarf taught me how to yo, graft and do a lacelike pattern- super exciting!!

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I really loved this pattern. You can find it here:
Knitty Breast Cancer Issue . It’s a downloadable issue, and there are some other cute patterns there too. Who doesn’t want a scarf covered in boobs or the super cute shedir hat? (Now on my list of future projects)

I knit the scarf using Sirdar Denim Chunky in a pink/fushia color. It’s an acrylic, cotton, wool mix and is super soft. My only complaint is that although it didn’t roll on the edges, when you hold up the edges kinda pull inwards and looks like it’s curling. I even tried blocking it but it didn’t fix the problem.

I knit the scarf in two halves like the pattern calls for because I wanted to try grafting. I didn’t bother measuring the two halves to see if they were the same length because they were the same width and for some reason one was a full heart longer than the other. Whoops!!!

The pattern requires that you knit 4 stitches together, which seemed pretty hard. I used an embroidery needle to help me at first, but I was able to knit loosely enough to where I was able to knit the 4 stitches together without help after a little practice.

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The 100g skein knit the whole scarf with added fringe at the end and there was even a little to spare. I was also pretty impressed with my first grafting job. I used kitchener stitch since I didn’t bind off the two halves. I used to figure that out because a written instruction just wasn’t enough for me ;)

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Next time I’m going to try a different yarn and pay more attention to the length of the halves. And there will be a next time since my mom saw this scarf and wants one of her own!

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