Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Baby Beanies

I sure was busy yesterday!

I finished one baby beanie and made another one and then at the last second, when I was feeling particularly ambitious I made cute little pom poms to go on top. I'm really contemplating telling the future mommies that will get these hats that they can only keep them if they send me a pic of the baby wearing them, because that is cuteness that they need to share!!!

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Anyways, these are super easy. I knit them straight and sewed up the side because I really didn't want to knit the entire things on dpns. They hats should be about 14 inches around so I cast on how ever many the gauge told me to (in multiples of 8 to make decreasing easier) and away I went!! I think I cast on 48 stitches for both. Then I knit about 4 inches before decreasing. Decreasing went as follows (k6, k2tog) around, purl around, (k5, k2tog) around, purl around- and so on ending with k2tog around. Then I tied the top and sewed up the side.

Poms are really easy. You can get a pom maker or cut a special piece of cardboard but for these i just wrapped the yarn around my pointer and middle finger as many times as I thought was neccessary (maybe 60-80 depending on yarn weight). Then I had my husband tie a piece of yarn tightly around the middle, cut all the loops and shaped the ball with some hair cutting scissors. Maybe I will post a blog about how to make a pom later- maybe not- we'll see how ambitious I am that day!!

For one of these two cuties I used Mondial Astro self striping yarn (alpaca, merino, acrylic, cotton, polymide blend) which is so cute and has a hint of sparkle. It's also really great at covering any mistakes. I bet you can't even tell that I did k2,p2 ribbbing on the first inch to keep it from curling.

For the other I used the same yarn as the heart scarf in a previous post Sirdar Denim Chunky yarn in pink (an acrylic, cotton, wool blend) that is super soft and took me no time at all to knit up.

Next on the agenda- baby booties to match. Hopely I'll get those done in the next week because I have about 10 projects in line after them!

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