Monday, September 3, 2007

I Love my Husband-Let me count the ways

My birthday was yesterday. I didn't want to do anything big and elaborate or "special", I just wanted a mellow day with my husband. I got everything that I wanted- and more!!! For my birthday my husband got me the Denise Knitting Needle interchangable pink (to support breast cancer) set. I was so excited!!! Here's the link to the kit: Denise Pink Kit

And here's the pic posted on their site:
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He also got me some really great bamboo and bamboo/wool yarn that I can't wait to knit up on my new pretty in pink needles!!!

I started to knit a hat with a pair today and I can't believe how comfortable they are to use, I like them better than any of the other circular needles I have. The circular part is less plasticy and more rubbery so they move better. They are really light weight and I swear I'm knitting faster than before.

I love them and my husband (I just hope he can tell which one I love more!)!

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