Sunday, November 18, 2007

Harry Potter Mittens

The Harry Potter mittens are from the Charmed Knits book by Alison Hansel and they are for my mom for Christmas. I used Cascade Indulgence in bright red. This is the yummiest yarn I have ever felt. I want a whole blanket in it, although imagine how expensive that would be! It is an angora/alpaca blend. I used some scrap green yarn to do the stripes. In the end I used about 1.2 of the Indulgence.

Even though the gauge was right (actually, the yarn I chose was much finer so I made the large size to fit my hand) it seemed a little loose in some places. I decided to felt it to make it fit better. OMG! What a difference that made! I’ve only felted the first one but it is PERFECT! I’m so excited!

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